Senior Repair Technician

Date:  Sep 16, 2023
Country/Region:  CA
Company:  Precision Communication Services Corp

Toronto, ON, CA, M9L 1T6

Job Description
Section 1: Basic Duties & Responsibilities
•    Performs primary and secondary diagnosis and advance repair of failed circuit boards using a variety of diagnostic tools 
•    Builds, troubleshoots and maintains test equipment or jigs under the guidance and direction of the Test Engineer 
•    Assists with the test failure measurement evaluation process
•    Utilizes schematics and diagnostic guides to determine the proper functioning of circuit boards/components and root cause of failed unit
•    Collects data and interprets detailed board failures and communicate to support team
•    Provides training and support to other technicians
•    Drives continuous improvement on test yields, work in progress (WIP), test coverage and no trouble found (NTF) reductions
•    Complies with established practices and procedures in a specific technical discipline
•    Gathers, interprets and enters failure data information into computerized tracking system and prepares reports
•    Escalates test failure issues to higher level technicians and operations support team
•    Complies and follows all procedures within the company security and health policy
•    Exhibits proficiency in the use of tools assigned
•    Utilizes process documentations such as but not limited to the following; Schematics, BOM’s, Visuals, Debug, Repair, Testing tools, repair manuals and procedures
•    Supports and assists lower-level technicians to troubleshoot products
•    Understands, recognizes and executes Ivy Technology Toronto production requirements, rules, policies and procedures ensuring compliance of WIP

•    Recommends solutions to technical problems as required
•    May perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned
Section 2: Qualifications
•    Technical Certification in Electronics Technician or equivalent Degree/Diploma or Technologist with:
o    A+ Certification
o    IPC-7711/7721Rework/Repair Certification 
o    IPC-A-610-Visual Inspection Standard Certification
o    IPC-J-STD-001 Hand Soldering Criteria Certification
•    Advanced PC and Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Outlook) skills
•    Must have at least 3 years of prior technical work experience
Section 3: Skills
•    Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from lower-level Technician
•    Ability to comprehend and execute to ensure SLA compliance requirements are met
•    Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions
•    Must have prior experience repairing electronic devices and components, capable of debug, rework, functional tests and OS upload - should be able to open and close various devices at ease  
•    Ability to comprehend and execute to ensure SLA compliance requirements 
•    Strong attention to detail and problem-solving skills
•    Ability to adapt in a fast-paced environment
•    Ability to elaborate the failure analysis to support team
•    Must have the capability to navigate with minimum assistance
•    Ability to coordinate and perform multiple tasks
•    Ability to operate a PC using applied OS (operating system) and related software
•    Ability to communicate effectively through any medium (email/phone/chat)
•    Be independent and take the initiative to resolve the problems
Section 4: Minimum Target
•    The minimum targets are dynamic in nature and should be within acceptable RR standards and will enhance with the continuous improvements in process or equipment
•    As of July 20, 2022:
o    Ability to troubleshoot and repair minimum 11 Depot Systems per day
o    Ability to troubleshoot and repair minimum 11 system boards per day
o    Ability to Test 13 Repaired System board per day or