Test Engineer

Date:  Apr 14, 2024
Country/Region:  US
Company:  Telmar Network Technology, Inc

Houston, TX, US, 77040

The Test Engineer will be based in Louisville, KY and is responsible for implementing and maintaining cost-effective methods of testing and troubleshooting systems, software, and/or equipment.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Research and build test stations including hardware setup and software development specific to customer requirements
  • Support production with failure analysis, tester debugging, reduction of false failures and downtime of test equipment
  • Develop documentation of procedures to be used from the initial test design phase to production
  • Generate monthly and quarterly reports and analysis of test data, prepares documentation and recommendations for customers
  • Review test equipment designs, test capacity, data and RMA issues with customers regularly
  • Direct and coordinate engineering activities concerned with development, procurement, installation, and calibration of instruments, equipment, and control devices required to test, record, and reduce test data
  • Direct and exercise control over operational, functional, and performance phases of tests
  • Analyze and interpret test data and prepares technical reports for use by test engineering and management personnel
  • Responsible for maintaining customer supplied test equipment inventory
  • Perform semi-routine technique development and maintenance, subject to established company standards, including ISO and QS development
  • May provide training in new procedures to production testing staff
  • Adhere to all safety and health rules and regulations associated with this position and as directed by supervisor
  • May perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


  • 5 years of experience in similar position in electronic industry
  • Practical work experience using Python
  • Bachelor's Degree, First Degree, Trade/Vocational School certificate or Equivalent required. Degree in Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Technology, Industrial Engineering or related field preferred.

Nearest Major Market: Houston